Book Review


Heidi has just completed reading two books ,both of which are about our Canadian government and how it is managed.

One titled Irresponsible Government deals with the history or evolution of the Canadian system of government from day one to the year two thousand and fourteen . This book is very detailed in the historical facts and how the Canadian way of governing has peaked in its usefulness and how it has now slipped into the ditch and is heading to a hybrid United States style of government .Example , things like an omnibus bill is the same tactic used in the United States to ram unpopular legislation through the process by attaching it to more popular bits of legislation .

All in all Irresponsible Government would be a good read for anyone interested in the history of Canada or anyone undecided as to who to vote for in the upcoming election.

Next book on the list is titled Party of One. Again this book deals with the history of Canadian politics but just a small time period and deals  primarily  with the climb to power of our present Prime Minister. Based on historical fact , news stories interviews and just plain hard research we relive the path that the present Prime Minister has followed  to achieve what he has done . It allows us ,much like Irresponsible Government , to conclude if Canada has an accountable Prime Minister or not .

Party of One would be a good read for anyone that needs to understand or cares to understand which direction Canada is going . I must say I picked up on one saying the international community  has used and that is our PM is like a skunk at a garden party, don’t know if it is the international press or diplomats that have said this but it is a saying that one just can’t forget  .

So here we have it two recent publishing’s of politically motivated books one written by a sitting member of parliament and the other by a journalist and accomplished  author , both are known to dig deep to get the facts.

If you are not sure  who not to vote for then either of these books may help you in the decision making process .

Heidi is not going to tell you who to vote for but will say :




Confused or enlightened

Today we learned that the Canadian Wheat Board will be given , yes given , to an American multinational. There will be zero cost to the multinational and even less compensation given to the Canadians that have invested in it.
The same government that campaigned to have this boards power removed and then got a slap after the farmers had their crops stranded because they all of a sudden realized they could not go it alone. Instead of eating a little crow this government has decided to simply remove the embarrassment and move on.
Heidi is afraid there may be a pattern here when it comes to giving away Canadian know how.

First we learn that the same company we gave the CANDU to , for free, now has some top management under investigation for illegal Canadian political donations . Next we learn that on the board of directors of the multinational is a previous Conservative Prime Minister. For those who remember it was a Conservative Prime Minister that scuttled the Arrow project, guess what all the R and D that was developed in Canada by Canadians paid for by Canadians was sent off to NASA, Boeing and the Concorde for free.
So here you have it Heidi doesn’t know if Heidi is more confused about the current brand of government or has become more enlightened as to how this government brand really operates.

What do you think





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G 20 school yard

Well folks here we have it proof positive the world is governed by a bunch of schoolyard bullies with maybe a brain cell between them.

Heidi has noted that during the G20 meeting in Brisbane the world leaders sent the Russian president to Coventry ( in other words totally alienated him ). Prime Minister Harper even barked at him during the handshake. Putin even had to eat lunch by himself. Putin left the G20 early saying he needed to catch up on his sleep , could be his way of saying he was tired of the childish behavior demonstrated by his fellow world leaders.

Heidi believes anyone with an eye and a butt hole would have taken this opportunity to sit with Putin , perhaps at lunch, and shared a bottle of that great Australian wine while discussing a diplomatic solution to the Ukraine situation . Now Heidi knows that someone would not be Harper as he has too many western Canadian Ukrainians to suck up to in an effort to get their 2015 vote. However there were leaders at the G20 that have not commented on the Ukraine situation in public ,that could have worked with Putin and come up with some sort of solution or at least opened the door for one.

Heidi thinks that the fear of losing out on a trade deal or maybe an invite to the white house for lunch scared off any potential mediator .

Heidi believes that if the world leaders cannot find time at a meeting of world leaders to work on solidifying peace then there is no hope for financial stability and there is no hope to improve the lot of the average person . What do you think.



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Where is the money going

Heidi understands that the CRA ( Canadian Revenue Agency ) has been allocated special funds to catch Canadians with off shore holding who are not paying the tax on these holdings . Sounds like a good deal , pay your share sort of thing , better for everyone . There is even a tell on your boss line .

This all sounds good except it appears the people with the deep pockets are not the target it is the snow bird that gets a couple of months’ rent from their Florida condo to help pay down the loan or help with the fees that have been the target. Now when you have one of the income tax companies do your tax they must ask if you have any property outside Canada . If you do and it is in the United States that information somehow gets turned over to that countries tax department . Double hit from the tax people.

If those are the rules those are the rules and things like a title on a condo and advertisements’ to rent out the condo are hard to hide so there is no advantage in not paying upfront because you will get caught.

Heidi’s concern is about the over a billion dollars sent off shore by new or second generation Canadians to help the folks back home . This untraceable money it just leaves the country never to be seen again ,money that could be spent in Canada to help Canadian’s have a better life.

Heidi is not against helping the parents or grandparents through their last years back home let us be clear about that. Heidi however is concerned about the money that is funneled through the cousin or brother that is being used as an investment. How much of this money is being used to purchase rental property or open a store or by a fishing boat which will be leased out. Seems no one has thought about this . If the CRA is at all serious about collecting unpaid tax then they should have a system of checks and balances to trace the actual use of this billion dollars .

Problem is the people sending this money off shore are a large voting block and the current Federal Government would not want to disturb them .

This is what Heidi thinks , what about you .




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Harper and the Peacekeepers

Let Heidi state that there have been several occasions when PM Harper has degraded the importance of the UN and he has indicated that he would rather not be associated with the organization.

Along with his disdain for the UN he has also on more than one occasion shown his severe lack of respect for Veterans of any kind.

Well folks during August 2014 both of Harpers ways of thinking came together , August 2014 is when National Peacekeepers day is observed . Just to clarify on this day we have an opportunity to honor our Veterans and others that worked with the UN to keep the peace and prevent further war or escalation of war. There was a request for a government minister to attend , none attended. This is yet another example of Harpers total disregard for our Veterans and for the UN. Harper must be doing his happy dance because he was able to put down both the Veterans and the UN all at the same time .

Heidi sees a lot in this about the way Harper thinks or doesn’t think. It is obvious the Steve sees no merit in prevention only in cures. Let us look at some examples, rather than allow safe injection sites he would rather see the addicts contract diseases which he will spend money on curing, he will not allow a charity to prevent poverty only to look after those in poverty, he will not get involved in peacekeeping but will gladly join a war, knowing the need for medical marijuana will increase by tenfold he will not do the research to prevent the increase but will build pot factories to supply the new demand, he will gladly hunt down and jail our youth that have become radicalized but scoffs at the idea of finding out why they are becoming radicalized and preventing it .

Given that Steve likes photo ops, it sort of ,in a Conservative way of thinking, is better Steve’s way , in that it is a big story when you can say that on my watch we caught these eight guys planning bad stuff but really if you had prevented these eight guys from even thinking about doing bad stuff there would be no photo op. If you can get on a soapbox and say the Conservative government is looking after all these impoverished people it is a big story and a photo op and a campaign thing , no story if there no impoverished people to help. If you can say look at all the money we are spending fighting this war it is a photo op but when the troops and others quietly go off and keep the peace not much of photo op.

Heidi believes in peacekeeping and the Veterans and most of all  as they say an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. What do you think ?




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Under attack

The Canadian Government is attacking charities it believes have different political views . One example is a small charity that helps the people of South (Latin) America .

CoDevelopment Canada Association or CoDev partners mainly with charities in Nicaragua, El Salvador and Honduras were the language used is Portuguese or Spanish and these are the languages business is conducted in and are the languages used in written communication .

As you can imagine the Canadian office has limited staff. Because the Canadian government disagrees with the political views of this organization they have begun an audit of this charity . Since this charity works in Latin America all correspondence which includes expense receipts are in either Spanish or Portuguese , the Canadian auditors wants them all , boxes full, translated to either French or English.

This translation also will include the mission statement of the charity were it is stated they will try to uphold human rights laws in the countries they serve . This means that it is not enough to say they will uphold these laws , these laws must now all be translated and added to the mission statement .

Heidi cannot speak or read or write in either Spanish or Portuguese but there must be people out there that can. Heidi would like anyone that can help with this translation effort to step up and help out .

This help with translation will not only help the CoDev to survive this unwarranted audit and continue to help the people of Latin America but it will show the Canadian government that Canadians have had enough of this misuse of political power.



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Help Heidi with the numbers

A while back Heidi questioned why the CPC (Harper) was giving out licenses to build and run marijuana factories. One of the questions was what are we going to do with all that pot considering the low number of legal users.
Heidi has done a little research and has come up with some numbers: at this time there are approximately twenty – five licensed facilities gearing up for production. One of the more recent facilities ,located in southwestern Ontario , claims it will have up to one hundred employees and pay them a living wage. When operating at full capacity it will produce one hundred and fifty pounds (68 KG’s ) of medical grade product . A large marijuana cigarette would be a gram simple math puts production at sixty eight thousand joints a day. If this southwestern Ontario factory is of average production and there are twenty five such factories Heidi can see medical grade marijuana produced for one million seven hundred thousand joints a day .

Now we have done the production math , what about consumption. According to health Canada , information from the internet, there are approximately thirty – seven thousand three hundred and fifty – nine legal users in Canada. Heidi likes to round things so let’s make it simple and say today there are forty thousand legal users.

Our government is allowing marijuana for 1,700,000 joints to be produced every day, we have 40,000 consumers which would mean each consumer will smoke over forty joints a day. Heidi couldn’t do that in fact I would bet Heidi couldn’t even light 40 joints in a day without falling over before noon.

To be fair Health Canada , an organization run by the Harper government says that legal users will increase by a factor of ten ,yes a factor of ten, and we need to be ready for it. You would think that if an illness is going to increase by a factor of ten the government would look into prevention. If this is true and production stays at the output of twenty – five factories that would be four joints a day. But there is to date over one hundred and fifty applications to  build these factories .
Just a note, the factory being set up in southwestern Ontario is opened by the same company which is setting up a factory in BC and has applied for other licenses. By coincidence both the CEO and the CFO came from the energy sector which just happens to be a friend of the CPC.

Heidi’s question today is do you think that all this marijuana is going to be produced for medical needs or is this preparation to have it legalized and controlled by the Federal government after the 2015 election .



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