Scheer nonsense

Why are the PCClowns against the right to choose,family planning,immigration,climate change science,veterans rights,green technology,helping addicts and having a diversified population in Canada. Why are they against Canada developing a technological platform instead of   hughers of wood and diggers of minerals. Why are they against adding human rights and the rights of workers to trade agreements .

Can anyone give Heidi the answers to these questions.


Question period?

Tuesday October 17 2017 over 75% of question period was taken up with questions surrounding the Finance Minister’s ethics. Heidi finds this strange because the issue is in the hands of the ethics commissioner. A question arises is it that the opposition does not believe in the ethics of the ethics commissioner to come up with a non-partisan finding or is it that the opposition has nothing else they can condemn the government for.

Most of the 25% of the questions left were about the NAFTA talks. Questions were asked that made the opposition look like they were at the table, but in reality they were working from news reports and not from reports given to them by the negotiators. Does the opposition really believe the best way to negotiate is to tell the world what you intend to do?

Heidi says to the opposition let the Commissioner do her job and the negotiators do theirs and you get back to helping Canadians

Shame on the United States of America

Canada was the first to arrive after Hurricane Katrina offering reconstruction help and temporary shelters, and fresh water devices , Canada was the first to send aid in the form of baby supply’s and other products to Huston Canada is now sending Hydro trucks and personal to help restore power to Florida .Not to mention Canada allowed hundreds of air craft and their passengers a place to stay during 911.
On the other hand the US had heavy lift aircraft available to evacuate tourists and others from Caribbean Islands devastated from Irma but told anyone but American’s to basically pound salt because they aren’t getting on one of their planes.
It appears Americans have given the world a true look at just what kind of people they are.
That is what Heidi believes

Back to the sixties

Have we gone back to the sixties?
In the sixties we had the Panthers a group well minded until their ranks were filled with radicals and the group became franchised all over America and got a very negative reputation
Today we have Black Lives Matter again a group founded on principles but has been franchised and inundated by radicals and is quickly losing their good folks reputation
In the sixties it became OK to burn your own neighbourhood down and loot the stores set up to serve you
Guess what we are seeing this more often now
In the sixties the US had a Hawk in charge and we see a Hawk in the White House today
In the sixties peaceful marches became violent and today we see the same thing
In the sixties we had the FLQ and IRA to watch out for now we have religious extremists
In the sixties we had boat people by the hundreds now we have people by the thousands escaping war and violence
Last but not least we lost a lot of young people to drugs in the sixties and that has not changed

If we don’t learn from history we will repeat it
Heidi is just hoping that we will not see another Kent State type of shooting

Don’t think it is all about junior

Here is an alternate theory regarding juniors E Mail and the Russians.

Daddy Trump attends the G-20 and things are going not too bad until the Putin meeting after which the President became a bit curse did what he had to do then jumped on air force one without so much as have a good day see you again.

Heidi thinks maybe perhaps Mr. Putin laid down the law about one thing or the other and used the release of juniors E Mail as an example of what could happen to the Trump White House if things don’t change.

Are these E Mails just the tip of the ice burg?
Just a thought from Heidi and it appears only from Heidi.


Since this post the number of people at the meeting between baby Trump and the Russians has grown and so has the profile of the these people. Not only this but now we understand that  POTUS had a one on one with Putin with out any other American. In both these cases only the Russians are in a position to leak this information.

What is next?????

Omar Khadr was screwed over

Matters not if we think Omar should get the settlement or not he is getting it because the Harper government apparently did not believe in the rule of law and did everything in its power to keep him in detention and out of Canada.
When people like Jason Kenney tweet that Omar should still be in prison it is proof positive that the previous government totally screwed this file up because again they did not govern using the rule of law but the wishes of parliament.
Had the Harper government taken control of a minor child with a valid Canadian passport and brought him back to Canada and treated him like any other minor there would be no large payout. Instead the Harper government apparently did everything they could to keep Omar in lock up. It was only until the Americans wanted to close down the Cuban jail and only when public opinion changed and when Omar got a lawyer did Harper agree to take Omar back to Canada.
Even when Omar was brought back Harper apparently did all he could to make his life hell including fighting the Supreme Court on at least three different occasions.
As far as Heidi is concerned the only reason any settlement will be paid out is because the previous government cared less about the rule of law.
If you think the same way let Jason Kenney know.

Conversation between a Canadian sniper and Tom Mulcair

Tom this is Special Forces sniper I am about three and a half kilometers behind the front lines. I have a shot that will save lives, should I take it.
Wait do not take the shot we need to convene a special session of the house and debate it.
Tom lives will be saved
I repeat do not take the shot, this needs to be debated as parliament was not told Canadian snipers would shoot anybody.
So here we have it folks, the leader of a party that doesn’t want him and party that until recently no one else wanted to lead complaining about a Canadian who was over three kilometers away from the action taking a shot that saved lives. Sounds to me that he has no concern about how and why the war is waged but simply wants press time and will say anything to get it
Shame on you Tom
That is how Heidi sees it ,if you see it the same way tell Tom.