what to do about Syria

Obama tells us that the US intelligence service says they have proof that Syria used chemical weapons on its own people . Perhaps they did perhaps the same kind of people that would carve out the warm organs of a dying man and eat them on camera did it to gain sympathy from the west. In these crazy times anything is possible.

Heidi’s only concern is that it is same intelligence gathering organization that claimed there were piles of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq and as we all know there were none and by all means measurable the country is now worse off than before the invasion.

History has proven one thing about the US of late and that is it has a habit of backing the wrong person or side in the vast majority of times it has nosed into other countries concerns. Biggest example would be backing the wrong side in Afghanistan all that got them was the collapse of the trade towers brought on by the same person they armed in Afghanistan .

Heidi has one last thought , do the Americans want to trade shots with the Russians especially since the mess in Afghanistan is still remembered by the Russians as intervention by the Americans’. Besides this is a civil war much like the one the Americans themselves lived through and neither side in that conflict liked it when foreign powers helped out the other side.




What is proposed legislation

Just what is proposed legislation? Steve was in Toronto with the helicopter guy and the guy that was the minister of justice talking about proposed legislation. Now don’t get Heidi wrong a lot of what is proposed makes a lot of sense and goes along with the Governments minimum sentencing way of doing things.

However it is proposed somewhat like the legislation on bullying we are all waiting for. Given that there will be a late start ,due to Parliament being prorogued and the Syrian debate and the senate debate that will eat up most of the session until the winter break. Just when will proposed legislation be introduced.

Heidi believes that again the CPC is using tax payer funds to campaign and nothing else. Under the guise of introducing legislation that comes with little or no details such as length of sentence , definition of what the crime is what is the age of the minor involved would seducing your child’s baby sitter be considered as a crime . Looks to Heidi that this campaign stop was to introduce the new minister and to let us know what a great job the old minister did for the party and how he has been rewarded .

Remember proposed legislation is not real legislation and it is generally rolled out when the government needs some good publicity .

Heidi thinks the cost of this little trip should be added to campaign spending . Similar to Duff stumping for the CPC then charging the senate .



Ontario is in trouble

Looks like a good part of Ontario is worried about the future economic well being of the province. Well so is Heidi and Heidi has a thought she would like to throw out to the average blog reader.

No matter what party forms the next government and no matter if the present government falls during the next session or runs out the term there is the McGuinty legacy to pay for. Things like the long term deals for so called green energy, the bill to move power plants , mismanaged areas such as Orange the OLG and the down turn caused by the HST will need to be factored in to all future budgets.

One way to increase the revenue stream ( can’t say tax anymore) is to find new not minimum wage jobs, we need tax paying product buying new jobs . Where will they come from? Industry will provide the first set of new jobs , we just need to convince them.

Tax breaks to industry was tried by the Federal government and they failed. Tax breaks failed because there was no incentive for industry to create jobs no stick just all carrot. Heidi believes that if a formula which generates a tax break based on jobs created or lost would be the incentive required. If jobs are created a tax break is created if jobs are lost then the tax break goes away.

These new jobs would create a new revenue stream to make up for the break given industry , these new jobs would allow the new workers to spend and therefore create new retail jobs which would be yet another revenue stream.

Of course there are always cuts to the size of government , if we went back to the size Queens park was before McGuinty we would see a large overall savings.

Just some thoughts from Heidi



The puppet show continues

Just what have the sock puppets been up to recently. How about a little bit of I hope no one remembers . Heidi says this because Heidi remembers when the opposition wanted more time to study the omnibus bill , in this case it was Bill C-60. Our great Canadian government responded that they had all summer to study the bill and that they should start doing their job. Well it turns out that the government did not read it either . According to the finance minister there was a big oops when it came to the way credit unions would be taxed .
A big oops like this could have been caused by the magnitude of the bill which made it difficult to wade through every detail or was it caused by the government house members not reading the bill because they were told how to vote and saw no reason to read it.

This makes Heidi wonder if something as important as the way we tax a financial institution was screwed up what else is in there we will never know about until it is too late.

While we are on about the CPC and the sock puppets Heidi might as well mention the latest antics of the puppet master. Fresh off his northern campaign tour (which we all paid for) the PM has rebuilt his senior staff . Some say it is to bring in new blood for the next campaign , Heidi however believes it may be to get rid of any one that could provide a link between the PMO , the PM and Duffy.



even turtles matter

It has happened the US Federal government has taken the lead from the Canadian government . Just as Harper decided to stop fresh water research and allow  the polar bear to be hunted to extinction the US government has decided to put down hundreds of endangered turtles . All this in the name of commerce .

Why is it the two North  American powers have moved totally away from conservation and the wellbeing    of the planet to only being concerned in buying votes through redirection of scientific or conservation funding.

Just as the HST didn’t give us the thousands of jobs promised and the scientific cut backs did nothing but dim our profile on the international stage the euthanizing of an endangered species will not help the US economy.

Even in the post McGuinty Ontario a wind farm was canceled because of an endangered spices and that says something in Ontario were the wind farmers were given an open door to do what they want

Heidi is going to boycott Arizona in protest of this cull .



Was it because he was Chinese

Nothing unusual about PM Harper limiting questions apparently he has trouble with foot in mouth disease So when on his northern campaign tour having the last set of questions limited to five was to be expected and the press divided them among themselves.

Number five was a young Chinese reporter , well guess what when number four was speaking the Chinese reporter was told there was no longer a number five spot. At this the Chinese reporter wanted to know why and a shoving match happened then Harpers private police entered in and removed the Chinese reporter . Now the PMO wants an apology from the reporter.

Heidi says the PM should give the reporter a one on one interview as an apology for scrubbing his question without warning or explanation. Heidi understands that there are Harperites out there that maintain Steve is above such things as an apology but in this case it could look like the fact the question was coming from a Chinese paper was the reason . Since our international repetition is as low as it is perhaps we don’t need anything else to drag it down.


head one

Heidi is just saying

What is going on in Canada this week , lots of unusual stuff.

We have unions sleeping with environmental groups and giving birth to the idea conservation will create thousands of jobs just like the HST did. Most of the jobs would be coming from producing windows and doors which apparently would cut down on energy use and employ a whole bunch of folk. However to purchase these glorious doors and windows most people will need to shift their spending and the people providing service now would be out of work.

If we cut back on electricity it will cost all more . Our government has itself in a locked in position of buying power even if they can’t sell it to the tax payer so they then give it away to other jurisdictions . To make up for this they charge us more for the power we do use. Speaking of being charged for power why didn’t our new smart meters come with a certificate of calibration? Gas pumps get calibration checked , your butchers scale gets checked in fact I do not know of any other metering device that does not get calibration checked except the one the government utility uses to monitor and charge use for our electricity.

What is with the provincial NDP looks like they are fixing their own internal nominations , if this is true what would they do if they ever got into power. Story goes that during the last byelection nominations the local riding favorite was pushed aside by the party straw bosses in favor of a longtime friend of the leader. Is this not the kind of thing the NDP are supposed to be against.

Premier Wynne has said the government , same government that moved the power plants, will cut the red tape and get more industry to set up in Ontario. One of the things mentioned was environment concerns . What does this mean, are going to follow Harpers lead and discount environment reviews , will there be rubber stamp reviews by yet another new government office , let us call it the Ministry of Rubber Stamps and set up offices in all the worlds nice places and staff it with party faithful under multiyear no cut contracts.

Last but not least the PM has decided to prorogue parliament in the hopes the scandals will all disappear and everyone will love him . Nothing new here.


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