Heidi Joe Rants on Canadian Cell Companies

With all this talk about the PM wanting Mobile (cell) companies to come to Canada and add a little competition I have a thought. If the Canadian companies would be a little less greedy they would have nothing to fear.

An example being my carrier wants a two dollar surcharge to send me a bill yes two dollars to tell me how much I owe them. Excuse is they are going green and want cut back on paper. Green or greedy ?

My bank approached the paperless system a little better, not that banks are faultless . Offer was we will give you free cheque down loads if you go paperless with your statements. I get a free service which was costing me up to ten dollars a month and they save on what it costs to send me a statement . Sounds OK to me . If the cell guys had said go paperless and we will reduce your fee or give you more text messages if you go paperless I would buy into the green story .

Well my vote is the cell companies are going greedy not green


One thought on “Heidi Joe Rants on Canadian Cell Companies

  1. It may be their greed that is opening the door for American cell companies to provide their services to Canadians.
    Don’t forget, the US companies will need to use the existing Canadian infrastructure. Can’t imagine us Canadians (as hospitable as we are) will allow the US companies to use our towers for free.
    Another case of the rich getting richer courtesy of political connections.
    Why not make it policy that a percentage of all revenue from foreign based companies be placed directly into Canadian social services above and beyond monies generated from taxation?

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