Heidi rants on the Senate

Lets’ look at what has been happening in the upper chamber. Seems there are four main players in the scandal and depending on the political stripe of the media doing the reporting we hear about the Conservative or we hear about the Liberal . However all media is now focused on a single member that has had their audit handed in for review .
We can only run on leaks to the press at this time because the review is being held in secret after which the public will be given what we will be given. What we do know is that while being a member of the senate this person was on the board of several corporations , I ask how can you possibly be impartial when a diverse number of corporations are paying you ?
This opens the door to the question should an elected official be beholding to anyone but the public ? Should a beef farmer be able vote on a bill that reduces the number of beef inspectors so the product gets to market quicker, should a doctor be able to vote on a bill that reforms the way generic drugs are offered . Should a lawyer be able to vote on minimum sentences.
If we are going to reform our system this would be a good place to start. Another would be to remove all party affiliation from the members of the upper chamber this way they can truly give some of nonsense being passed by the lower house a sober second thought.
One thing this scandal has proven is that there are bad eggs in all the party baskets and it is up to the party to dump them even if it means losing some voting power


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