Was it because he was Chinese

Nothing unusual about PM Harper limiting questions apparently he has trouble with foot in mouth disease So when on his northern campaign tour having the last set of questions limited to five was to be expected and the press divided them among themselves.

Number five was a young Chinese reporter , well guess what when number four was speaking the Chinese reporter was told there was no longer a number five spot. At this the Chinese reporter wanted to know why and a shoving match happened then Harpers private police entered in and removed the Chinese reporter . Now the PMO wants an apology from the reporter.

Heidi says the PM should give the reporter a one on one interview as an apology for scrubbing his question without warning or explanation. Heidi understands that there are Harperites out there that maintain Steve is above such things as an apology but in this case it could look like the fact the question was coming from a Chinese paper was the reason . Since our international repetition is as low as it is perhaps we don’t need anything else to drag it down.


head one


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