even turtles matter

It has happened the US Federal government has taken the lead from the Canadian government . Just as Harper decided to stop fresh water research and allow  the polar bear to be hunted to extinction the US government has decided to put down hundreds of endangered turtles . All this in the name of commerce .

Why is it the two North  American powers have moved totally away from conservation and the wellbeing    of the planet to only being concerned in buying votes through redirection of scientific or conservation funding.

Just as the HST didn’t give us the thousands of jobs promised and the scientific cut backs did nothing but dim our profile on the international stage the euthanizing of an endangered species will not help the US economy.

Even in the post McGuinty Ontario a wind farm was canceled because of an endangered spices and that says something in Ontario were the wind farmers were given an open door to do what they want

Heidi is going to boycott Arizona in protest of this cull .




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