The puppet show continues

Just what have the sock puppets been up to recently. How about a little bit of I hope no one remembers . Heidi says this because Heidi remembers when the opposition wanted more time to study the omnibus bill , in this case it was Bill C-60. Our great Canadian government responded that they had all summer to study the bill and that they should start doing their job. Well it turns out that the government did not read it either . According to the finance minister there was a big oops when it came to the way credit unions would be taxed .
A big oops like this could have been caused by the magnitude of the bill which made it difficult to wade through every detail or was it caused by the government house members not reading the bill because they were told how to vote and saw no reason to read it.

This makes Heidi wonder if something as important as the way we tax a financial institution was screwed up what else is in there we will never know about until it is too late.

While we are on about the CPC and the sock puppets Heidi might as well mention the latest antics of the puppet master. Fresh off his northern campaign tour (which we all paid for) the PM has rebuilt his senior staff . Some say it is to bring in new blood for the next campaign , Heidi however believes it may be to get rid of any one that could provide a link between the PMO , the PM and Duffy.




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