Ontario is in trouble

Looks like a good part of Ontario is worried about the future economic well being of the province. Well so is Heidi and Heidi has a thought she would like to throw out to the average blog reader.

No matter what party forms the next government and no matter if the present government falls during the next session or runs out the term there is the McGuinty legacy to pay for. Things like the long term deals for so called green energy, the bill to move power plants , mismanaged areas such as Orange the OLG and the down turn caused by the HST will need to be factored in to all future budgets.

One way to increase the revenue stream ( can’t say tax anymore) is to find new not minimum wage jobs, we need tax paying product buying new jobs . Where will they come from? Industry will provide the first set of new jobs , we just need to convince them.

Tax breaks to industry was tried by the Federal government and they failed. Tax breaks failed because there was no incentive for industry to create jobs no stick just all carrot. Heidi believes that if a formula which generates a tax break based on jobs created or lost would be the incentive required. If jobs are created a tax break is created if jobs are lost then the tax break goes away.

These new jobs would create a new revenue stream to make up for the break given industry , these new jobs would allow the new workers to spend and therefore create new retail jobs which would be yet another revenue stream.

Of course there are always cuts to the size of government , if we went back to the size Queens park was before McGuinty we would see a large overall savings.

Just some thoughts from Heidi




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