What is proposed legislation

Just what is proposed legislation? Steve was in Toronto with the helicopter guy and the guy that was the minister of justice talking about proposed legislation. Now don’t get Heidi wrong a lot of what is proposed makes a lot of sense and goes along with the Governments minimum sentencing way of doing things.

However it is proposed somewhat like the legislation on bullying we are all waiting for. Given that there will be a late start ,due to Parliament being prorogued and the Syrian debate and the senate debate that will eat up most of the session until the winter break. Just when will proposed legislation be introduced.

Heidi believes that again the CPC is using tax payer funds to campaign and nothing else. Under the guise of introducing legislation that comes with little or no details such as length of sentence , definition of what the crime is what is the age of the minor involved would seducing your child’s baby sitter be considered as a crime . Looks to Heidi that this campaign stop was to introduce the new minister and to let us know what a great job the old minister did for the party and how he has been rewarded .

Remember proposed legislation is not real legislation and it is generally rolled out when the government needs some good publicity .

Heidi thinks the cost of this little trip should be added to campaign spending . Similar to Duff stumping for the CPC then charging the senate .




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