what to do about Syria

Obama tells us that the US intelligence service says they have proof that Syria used chemical weapons on its own people . Perhaps they did perhaps the same kind of people that would carve out the warm organs of a dying man and eat them on camera did it to gain sympathy from the west. In these crazy times anything is possible.

Heidi’s only concern is that it is same intelligence gathering organization that claimed there were piles of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq and as we all know there were none and by all means measurable the country is now worse off than before the invasion.

History has proven one thing about the US of late and that is it has a habit of backing the wrong person or side in the vast majority of times it has nosed into other countries concerns. Biggest example would be backing the wrong side in Afghanistan all that got them was the collapse of the trade towers brought on by the same person they armed in Afghanistan .

Heidi has one last thought , do the Americans want to trade shots with the Russians especially since the mess in Afghanistan is still remembered by the Russians as intervention by the Americans’. Besides this is a civil war much like the one the Americans themselves lived through and neither side in that conflict liked it when foreign powers helped out the other side.




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