Not the Veterans again

Heidi is asking Harper again just what did the Veterans do to make you want to screw them around every chance you get. We have now learned that the most needy Veterans have gotten yet another financial slap in the face.

To avoid bad press over the discovery Harper says he will set up a committee to look into the possibility of making changes. Heidi believes any committee set up will be full of party faithful paid big bucks and told to keep the research going until the Veterans disappear .

What the Veterans would like is the Harperites to sit down and bargain in good faith , just ask the foreign service folks how well that works.

Last but not least during an interview Harper asked the reporter if it seemed like he smoked marijuana, well Heidi doesn’t know if it is marijuana but he’s got to be on something to act the way he is towards the Veterans .




Tony blinked

Looks like under the threat of humiliation for contravening the Labour act Tony has blinked and given into the demands for a fair contract for the foreign service workers .

For months Clement has stood firm that these workers will not get parity with workers doing the same job in Canada and even put terms on going to binding arbitration. Big turnaround in sock puppet land now Tony says both sides only wanted what the other public sector workers have .

Why the change was the court findings , was it pressure from his riding (the one that got 50 million in upgrades) did Harpo say there was too much bad publicity already this year and they need to look they care.

Heidi says looks good on Tony



PMO screws it up again

Heidi is real concerned about the direction Harper and the sock puppets are taking Canada. We have now failed to sign an arms agreement designed to regulate the world wide sale of arms . Now just to clarify for those who still like Harper we are not talking about artificial limbs we are talking about military weapons .

More than ninety countries including the United States signed , giving the US loves its’ guns it should have been a no brainer for Steve to sign on with the rest of the civilized world. Why not because Steve is not sure if signing on would affect the lawful gun owners belonging to the CPC. This agreement is for military arms such as jet fighters, tanks , missile launchers ,cannons and fully automatic light arms. Just what kind of permit do you need to own this sort of stuff in Canada, no wonder Steve dumped the registry if this is the kind of stuff his buddies have.

Heidi says way to go Steve.



what is up with Harper

Heidi wants to know what’s up with Harper and the UN. Seems ever since he got us kicked out of the security council he has had a hate on for the place and most of its members . Pretty much every country sends its head of state to speak at the UN except Canada we send one of the sock puppets instead.

Every member of the UN excepts the fact that some countries have veto power and that in the past anyone with a veto has used it and things have worked out in the end. Canada on the other hand says that some countries should not have a veto and that Syria should be bombed into the stone age and that diplomacy doesn’t work .

Now we have the Iranian situation , Canada claimed the recent elections were a sham and that nothing will change , this was before they were even over and a winner declared . As it turns out , it appears, things are changing to the point that even the US has decided to wait and see but not Canada we just stand up on the soap box and declare Iran as the worst thing ever.

Personally Heidi believes when it comes Harper there is no division between church and state and this will ruin an already marginal reputation Canada has with the rest of the world .



CPC will not accept the ruling

A body appointed by Harper has sided with a union Harper is fighting over a new contract. Heidi would say Mr. Gazebo is fighting the Labour Board finding that Tony had contravened the act but we all know Tony is just another sock puppet.

This goes with the way the CPC operates , if they don’t get their way they use tons of tax payers money on lawyers and appeals hoping the problem will go away. They tried it with the vets and lost but then took them back to court over the retro payments.

Heidi believes in this case the CPC will lose the appeal and the contract dispute will go to binding arbitration. No matter how that works out we the tax payer will be back in court fighting the retro payments .

Heidi is just saying it is time to write your MP about the mess of things Harper is making and if your MP is one of the sock puppets tell them to grow a spine and speak up.



CPC violates Labour Act

Again the CPC thinks taking someone to court or to a Public board such as Labour Relations will get them a favorable result or at best keep their opponents broke paying lawyers . However again the CPC was told smarten up and play fair .

Tony gazebo as he is sometimes called tried to force preconditions on a union before he would go to binding arbitration and said that is the way it is . Well Tony you screwed up again maybe you should find a quiet spot in your overpriced vote buying gazebo and think about life.

It turns out that the MINISTER (Tony) violated the Public Service Labour Relations Act when imposed the preconditions , question is will he be prosecuted for the violation or will he find an unpaid intern to take the fall or is prosecution not intended for a minister. I believe that if some small shop owner had violated any part of any act they would be strung up and used as an example .

This issue will die since the house is prorogued while Steve is out selling his book which he wrote while being in office and while the house was prorogued the last time, least that is what the media seems to be telling us , fifteen minutes a day every day.

Heidi says Tony now needs to step down from the Ministers job and find a spot in the back benches some place where he doesn’t have a lot of our money to spend


Baird is a typical Harperite

Here we have it folks Baird is again trying to sound like an international diplomat by tugging at our heart strings over Syria .

He is trying to make us believe that there will be twenty five thousand children , men and women killed by chemical weapons if we do not act now. I am not sure how he came up with that number perhaps he thinks it is number that will scare us rather than if he had said thousands or an uncalculated number of people.

As usual for a Harperite he goes on to demean the UN a practice that has continued since Steve lost our seat on the security council for us ( some believe it was because of the way he acted at our G-20 meeting).

Heidi understands that the situation in Syria is a no win for the west, we have condemned Assad but really do not want the band of terrorists , criminals to take over either as they will then work towards destabilizing the rest of the region.

Heidi is a UN supporter and since Canada signed up for both the good and bad of it we must go with what the UN does. Baird however only believes the use of vetoes is a good thing when it helps out his cause. He has never down played the use of vetoes by the US but believes Russian vetoes are absurd and should be ignored.

Yes the use of gas is a terrible thing but is it any more terrible than the use of phosphorous bombs that the west seems to think is OK. After Dresden was incinerated the use of phosphorous was to be stopped but it has been used by American friends in the area . So if Assad had used phosphorous in the war would Baird have gotten on his soap box as quickly and condemned it, would Obama had talked about red lines so quickly.