Temporary workers are not all the same

According to our new Minister of state, who by the way is well versed in PMO double speak, any fees or costs associated with bringing in performers for small bars have been in place for thirty five years. Only things that have changed is now the bar owner is paying the full tab and not the tax payer.

Let us have a look at this fee structure one hundred and fifty dollars per band member to apply for a work permit and an additional two hundred and seventy five dollars for each band member to pay someone to have a look see if there is a Canadian that can do the job. This is called a labour market opinion , which I believe is done by one of the party faithful that needed a job.

Our Minister of state goes on to say that these fees need to be paid by the club and not the tax payer. OK fair enough but almost three hundred dollars to find out if there is another band somewhere in Canada that plays this music and that someone will pay to see them . Not just two seventy five for the band but for each member just in case Canada has a drummer that knows the sets as well as the foreign drummer so we can refuse the drummer but OK the rest of the group.

Club owners side of the story is we understand the one fifty per worker but to charge the two seventy five for each member is a new charge that has not been around for thirty five years as claimed and is just another tax grab from small business. Next issue is the clubs claim they bring in local Canadian talent to open and close for the name brand groups to give them exposure which they would not normally get. In some cases this Canadian talent is hired to travel with the out of country group as they continue their tour.

So who do you believe a well-rehearsed sock puppet or the small club owner. Heidi knows who the puppet master is and well Heidi is going with the club owner.




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