lets fix the senate

Lots of talk about senate reform or abolishment . Heidi agrees we need some changes in the senate to get it back on track .

Heidi believes the senate is there to provide the sober second thought on bills passed by the lower house. This however is not happening because the members of the senate are to aligned with the political parties in the lower house and as such have become a rubber stamp.

What we need is a senate that leaves any political association at the door and is then able to make true nonpartisan choices . By doing this mistakes that are coming out Bill C-60 would have been caught because the senate would have actually read the bill instead just doing what the PMO told them to do . Prime ministers should not be appointing leaders of the senate , the senate should be doing that.

How do we get a nonpartisan senate, perhaps instead of the PMO appointing senators there could be a group made up of all parties to choose them based on their merit and passed performance either in the public or private sector. This way the PMO reward system would not come into play. Now if you were a police chief that argued against gun control you would not be rewarded with a senate job, or if you were a reported that went easy on the PM you would not automatically get a senate position.

Heidi is just making a suggestion here .





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