Ontario College of Trades

Received my invitation to join the Ontario College of Trades in yesterday’s mail and it reads like some sort of spam you get from insurance or magazine companies. It starts out by saying it is an independent body set up for the good of trades people , it goes on to say that if you join you will get a new trades certificate and a membership card. No mention of a secret decoder ring .

When you join apparently you will then hold yourself to a high standard and get yourself on a list so everyone will see you hold yourself to this standard .

To get this standard all you need to do is send in one hundred and twenty five dollars plus HST and you also can become a trades person of high standard. Amazing .

Well first off Heidi received an invitation to apply to join the board of the College from the Minister of the day ( just before the last election) but apparently did not qualify or even qualify for a response to the application . Next thing is how can a government run organization ever call itself independent . Next thing is what is the one twenty five being used for except to subsidize yet another layer of bureaucracy set up to give the party faithful yet another source of income .

Heidi says this tradesperson is not buying in .




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