Baird is a typical Harperite

Here we have it folks Baird is again trying to sound like an international diplomat by tugging at our heart strings over Syria .

He is trying to make us believe that there will be twenty five thousand children , men and women killed by chemical weapons if we do not act now. I am not sure how he came up with that number perhaps he thinks it is number that will scare us rather than if he had said thousands or an uncalculated number of people.

As usual for a Harperite he goes on to demean the UN a practice that has continued since Steve lost our seat on the security council for us ( some believe it was because of the way he acted at our G-20 meeting).

Heidi understands that the situation in Syria is a no win for the west, we have condemned Assad but really do not want the band of terrorists , criminals to take over either as they will then work towards destabilizing the rest of the region.

Heidi is a UN supporter and since Canada signed up for both the good and bad of it we must go with what the UN does. Baird however only believes the use of vetoes is a good thing when it helps out his cause. He has never down played the use of vetoes by the US but believes Russian vetoes are absurd and should be ignored.

Yes the use of gas is a terrible thing but is it any more terrible than the use of phosphorous bombs that the west seems to think is OK. After Dresden was incinerated the use of phosphorous was to be stopped but it has been used by American friends in the area . So if Assad had used phosphorous in the war would Baird have gotten on his soap box as quickly and condemned it, would Obama had talked about red lines so quickly.




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