CPC violates Labour Act

Again the CPC thinks taking someone to court or to a Public board such as Labour Relations will get them a favorable result or at best keep their opponents broke paying lawyers . However again the CPC was told smarten up and play fair .

Tony gazebo as he is sometimes called tried to force preconditions on a union before he would go to binding arbitration and said that is the way it is . Well Tony you screwed up again maybe you should find a quiet spot in your overpriced vote buying gazebo and think about life.

It turns out that the MINISTER (Tony) violated the Public Service Labour Relations Act when imposed the preconditions , question is will he be prosecuted for the violation or will he find an unpaid intern to take the fall or is prosecution not intended for a minister. I believe that if some small shop owner had violated any part of any act they would be strung up and used as an example .

This issue will die since the house is prorogued while Steve is out selling his book which he wrote while being in office and while the house was prorogued the last time, least that is what the media seems to be telling us , fifteen minutes a day every day.

Heidi says Tony now needs to step down from the Ministers job and find a spot in the back benches some place where he doesn’t have a lot of our money to spend



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