CPC will not accept the ruling

A body appointed by Harper has sided with a union Harper is fighting over a new contract. Heidi would say Mr. Gazebo is fighting the Labour Board finding that Tony had contravened the act but we all know Tony is just another sock puppet.

This goes with the way the CPC operates , if they don’t get their way they use tons of tax payers money on lawyers and appeals hoping the problem will go away. They tried it with the vets and lost but then took them back to court over the retro payments.

Heidi believes in this case the CPC will lose the appeal and the contract dispute will go to binding arbitration. No matter how that works out we the tax payer will be back in court fighting the retro payments .

Heidi is just saying it is time to write your MP about the mess of things Harper is making and if your MP is one of the sock puppets tell them to grow a spine and speak up.




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