what is up with Harper

Heidi wants to know what’s up with Harper and the UN. Seems ever since he got us kicked out of the security council he has had a hate on for the place and most of its members . Pretty much every country sends its head of state to speak at the UN except Canada we send one of the sock puppets instead.

Every member of the UN excepts the fact that some countries have veto power and that in the past anyone with a veto has used it and things have worked out in the end. Canada on the other hand says that some countries should not have a veto and that Syria should be bombed into the stone age and that diplomacy doesn’t work .

Now we have the Iranian situation , Canada claimed the recent elections were a sham and that nothing will change , this was before they were even over and a winner declared . As it turns out , it appears, things are changing to the point that even the US has decided to wait and see but not Canada we just stand up on the soap box and declare Iran as the worst thing ever.

Personally Heidi believes when it comes Harper there is no division between church and state and this will ruin an already marginal reputation Canada has with the rest of the world .




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