PMO screws it up again

Heidi is real concerned about the direction Harper and the sock puppets are taking Canada. We have now failed to sign an arms agreement designed to regulate the world wide sale of arms . Now just to clarify for those who still like Harper we are not talking about artificial limbs we are talking about military weapons .

More than ninety countries including the United States signed , giving the US loves its’ guns it should have been a no brainer for Steve to sign on with the rest of the civilized world. Why not because Steve is not sure if signing on would affect the lawful gun owners belonging to the CPC. This agreement is for military arms such as jet fighters, tanks , missile launchers ,cannons and fully automatic light arms. Just what kind of permit do you need to own this sort of stuff in Canada, no wonder Steve dumped the registry if this is the kind of stuff his buddies have.

Heidi says way to go Steve.




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