Extra Stuff hidden in a Bill

PM is hiding things in the budget bill again, remember the omnibus bill. Was a budget bill that included massive changes to everything from budgetary items to the rules governing navigable waters . Here we go again the new budget among other things included changes to how people qualify to join the Supreme Court Of Canada .

When challenged on this point the Minister simply said these are not changes these are simply clarifications to make the process go easier . It appears that these clarifications are simply the way the PMO sees’ things and are not necessarily the way a court would see these things. Given the governments poor record in court challenges Heidi can only conclude that the government is trying to tilt the scales of justice.

After the Minister returned to his seat the entire Conservative side of the room came to their feet and clapped their hands like a bunch of trained seals. I would call them Harp seals but the Greens would not be amused so let us call them Harper seals . Not to be confused with Harbor seals as they are useful.

This minister was also asked what defined “not normal economic times” this is a term used in the throne speech . The Minister managed to babble on until the speaker called time on question period

As Heidi has said in the past all sides of the house need to get down to work and stop baiting each other , clapping like a bunch of school kids , banging on their desks and get to work .




first question period

Watched some of the first question period and have concluded that the Tea Party has nothing on the Federal parliament of Canada. Even though the star of the Tea party is Canadian it has a long way to go to be as stupid sounding and looking as our Federal Parliament.

First thing out of the gate our official opposition started back on the senate scandal with questions about what the PM new and said and didn’t say . Well since the PM found an excuse to be out of town and left scripted answers with a sock puppet what was the point of the question. Opposition members could wait until the PM slithers back to Ottawa to ask the question and instead of reading from the prepared scrip the Government could have simply said the matter is under police investigation and they cannot comment which should have put the scandal questions on hold.

Do not get Heidi wrong there were some good question put forth by the opposition such as the removal of funding from any one counseling rape victims about abortion. However the governments answer was from a prepared script. Heidi watched several government ministers give answers from a prepared script. What would this indicate, could be a couple of things, the PMO tells what they should say and provides the script so they will not deviate, as a minister they have no idea what their ministry is about so some bureaucrat has given them notes to read from. After reading the prepared script as to the answers they would babble on about something that had nothing to do with the topic at hand.

Heidi remembers the time before Mulroney when during question period ,when a minister was asked a question they knew the answer they knew the numbers and if the opposition did not like the answer they were quick to respond. Now the minister reads from prepared notes and the opposition cannot respond to the answer because they are not sure if they like it or not .

Heidi wants to know what happened to our government. When did the opposition become confrontational and when did the government itself become defensive and secretive to the point all the elected officials seem to just care about getting reelected and then suck up to the PMO to become a minister. When did our representatives stop representing us and start only representing the PMO.

Just a last thought, why did Harper need to go to Brussels on the first day of Parliament , Heidi is more than positive that the political leaders of Europe would delay things for a day or two so Steve could attend the first day of Parliament. After all he is the PM and it would at the very least be a courtesy to the people of Canada that he show up on the first day especially since he delayed the first day by proroguing Parliament to do whatever he does while not wearing his wedding ring.


Baird in the air again

Apparently Minister Baird has announced the CPC is going to restart funding to find and disarm cluster bombs in Laos.
Heidi cannot help but wonder if the money Baird and the CPC say they are going to spend in Laos is the same money that was saved by not allowing aid organizations to counsel thirteen year olds that were gang raped by soldiers .

Another thought is way would Minister Baird need to fly to Laos to announce the funding when we are sure there is a representative of Canada close by that could do the job just as well. Could it be the sock puppets are getting in their frequent flyer miles before Harpers house of cards comes down.

Just a final thought if it was the Americans that dropped tons of these cluster bombs, a lot that didn’t explode, should they not be footing the entire clean up.


Are there any Straw Men

We have a government that has said more than one time that Canadian resources are their main stay and that they will travel the world to sell them . We have a main competitor in Brazil which goes head to head with Canada with production and the need for international sales.

Apparently we have been spying on the resource ministry of Brazil , now as a government what use would the doings of this ministry be  . Governments do not produce minerals or oil or lumber they do not set the price for these commodities . Heidi wonders if this information garnered with taxpayers money is being passed on to the resource industry to sort of give them insider information.

If and Heidi says if because this is just a theory the government is passing on this information what did or what will the government get in return. This is the same government that cut subsidies to political parties because they should go out and get their donations the old fashion way. Heidi wonders if the reason the CPC is so flush, besides the in out scams and other issues brought to light like donating large sums to your own campaign then forgetting to put all on the books , are there some resource based straw men out there.

Just a theory ,Heidi likes to look in all the corners just to see if there any rocks to over turn .



Harpers fast one

Again Harper has pulled a fast one on the Canadian public. After saying the abortion debate is over and will not be brought up in the house the truth is out.

Looks like Harper has instructed his sock puppets to hinder any group that counsels or provides information or help when it comes to abortion . Minister Christian Paradis has stopped funding any organization that provides or helps provide abortions for victims of rape or forced marriages. It appears that even after another minister stood up in the UN and condemned rape as the new weapon of the African wars it is considered a victimless crime.

One can only conclude that like some politicians from south of the 49th if indeed it is true rape there will be no child produced. This leads Heidi to believe the separation of Church and state in Canada is quickly being eroded .

Just as an afterthought why is it Heidi cannot find a photo of the PM wearing a wedding ring.


will the gun lobby win

Well folks we have done it we have become the United States when it comes to elections the transition is complete.

In the US the NRA or gun lobby has a large say in who will live in the White house now in Canada our own gun lobby has stated if Canada signs the United Nations arms treaty it will hurt the CPC at the ballot box.

To make matters worse it is up to Baird to sign or not to sign , if anyone should worry about the next election it is Baird. Heidi’s guess is that again Canada will not be in step with the free world and not sign the agreement .

It started with American style attack ad campaigns and ended with the gun lobby calling the election results . Way to go Harpo.