Harpers fast one

Again Harper has pulled a fast one on the Canadian public. After saying the abortion debate is over and will not be brought up in the house the truth is out.

Looks like Harper has instructed his sock puppets to hinder any group that counsels or provides information or help when it comes to abortion . Minister Christian Paradis has stopped funding any organization that provides or helps provide abortions for victims of rape or forced marriages. It appears that even after another minister stood up in the UN and condemned rape as the new weapon of the African wars it is considered a victimless crime.

One can only conclude that like some politicians from south of the 49th if indeed it is true rape there will be no child produced. This leads Heidi to believe the separation of Church and state in Canada is quickly being eroded .

Just as an afterthought why is it Heidi cannot find a photo of the PM wearing a wedding ring.



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