Are there any Straw Men

We have a government that has said more than one time that Canadian resources are their main stay and that they will travel the world to sell them . We have a main competitor in Brazil which goes head to head with Canada with production and the need for international sales.

Apparently we have been spying on the resource ministry of Brazil , now as a government what use would the doings of this ministry be  . Governments do not produce minerals or oil or lumber they do not set the price for these commodities . Heidi wonders if this information garnered with taxpayers money is being passed on to the resource industry to sort of give them insider information.

If and Heidi says if because this is just a theory the government is passing on this information what did or what will the government get in return. This is the same government that cut subsidies to political parties because they should go out and get their donations the old fashion way. Heidi wonders if the reason the CPC is so flush, besides the in out scams and other issues brought to light like donating large sums to your own campaign then forgetting to put all on the books , are there some resource based straw men out there.

Just a theory ,Heidi likes to look in all the corners just to see if there any rocks to over turn .




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