Extra Stuff hidden in a Bill

PM is hiding things in the budget bill again, remember the omnibus bill. Was a budget bill that included massive changes to everything from budgetary items to the rules governing navigable waters . Here we go again the new budget among other things included changes to how people qualify to join the Supreme Court Of Canada .

When challenged on this point the Minister simply said these are not changes these are simply clarifications to make the process go easier . It appears that these clarifications are simply the way the PMO sees’ things and are not necessarily the way a court would see these things. Given the governments poor record in court challenges Heidi can only conclude that the government is trying to tilt the scales of justice.

After the Minister returned to his seat the entire Conservative side of the room came to their feet and clapped their hands like a bunch of trained seals. I would call them Harp seals but the Greens would not be amused so let us call them Harper seals . Not to be confused with Harbor seals as they are useful.

This minister was also asked what defined “not normal economic times” this is a term used in the throne speech . The Minister managed to babble on until the speaker called time on question period

As Heidi has said in the past all sides of the house need to get down to work and stop baiting each other , clapping like a bunch of school kids , banging on their desks and get to work .




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