Shame on the CPC

Shame on the Conservative Government of Canada, for the way they are using the tragic deaths of two young ladies ,to push through snooping legislation that the country has already said they did not want.

Peter MacKay had the nerve to stand up in a public place and spew out lies when describing his new cyberbullying bill. First two pages of the fifty plus pages of the bill do deal with the issue of cyberbullying. These two pages describe in detail that posting an explicit image without permission will be punishable . What an explicit image is , is described in detail. This is a good thing as far as it goes but where is the mention of hacking into some ones social media and leaving untrue statements , where is the mention of sending hateful E Mails where is the mention posting video alluding to untrue acts.

Perhaps the missing or overlooked issues would make the Conservative attack ads illegal and then ruin the next election for them .

We have what is called an omnibus bill which contains a small percentage of good and large amount of bad. If the someone votes against the bill because of the large amount of bad in it they will forever be branded by the CPC as being in favor of cyberbullying.

Vic must be doing the happy dance because all that snooping legislation he couldn’t pass will soon become law.

And this folks is the way Harper and the rest of the CPC operate.




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