Baird has no idea

Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird is back at his Iranian bashing. Remember when he stood on his soap box and spewed about what a sham the Iranian elections were and how nothing would change . Never heard a word from him when there was a new person put in charge , never heard a word when talks started over the nuclear issues .

Now that a deal is in the works and the leaders of the free world think it is a step in the right direction and that the deal may hold . That is every leader in the free world except Canada and Israel. I can understand the stand Israel is taking given the rocky past between the two , but not Canada’s open condemnation of the agreement .

Baird is supposed to be a diplomat but he acts like one of Harpers back bench sock puppets. What a diplomat would have said was , Canada congratulates the people involved in this agreement and see it as a step forward to ending these nuclear issues, we sincerely hope that this agreement bares fruit. But instead Baird simply insinuated it was all a waste of time and Iran can’t be trusted .

Question is why is the CPC so against Iran normalizing relations with the west. Could it be the friendship with Israel , is it because now Iranian oil will be back on the market driving down the price of tar sands oil, is because in reality the CPC is just a branch of the tea party and they don’t like anything.

Heidi can only suggest that Baird is taking orders from someone that is not qualified to give orders and this is not good for Canada.




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