Ethics verse’s Privacy

During a session of the house the government was asked if they did not feel the omnibus bill concerning cyberbullying over stepped the mark when it came to allowing law enforcement access to Canadian’s E mail and browsing history.

Surprising enough the Government did reply with an answer that was related to the question. Answer given was they had contacted the ethics commissioner and got a pass. Of course they got a pass , the mandate of the ethics commission has little to nothing to do with the subject matter so of course as far as the ethics side of things they were doing no wrong.

Now a week to ten days later the outgoing Privacy Commissioner held a news conference where she announced some concern over the bill as to new police powers and the privacy of Canadians .

To put the icing on the cake our government is now looking for a contractor to monitor all Canadian social media 24 hours a day every day and report back to the government with their findings . What this contractor is supposed to be looking for was not divulged. When asked why the response was “ this is the best way for the Government to learn just what Canadians want .”
Really is this the reason or is the government looking to find out who is saying what about them so they can be grouped and latter targeted somehow.

Heidi can only guess at the answer and Heidi’s guess is as good as yours at this point. Perhaps the subject of the attack ads during the next election will tell the story.



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