Baird at it again

Last Heidi heard the Ukraine was a sovereign nation and was able to make its’ own way in the world. It has been independent since 1991 and has an elected president with a five year term.

Now this independent duly elected government has decided to go with Russia when it comes to free trade rather than the EU. This has caused a large portion of the population to demonstrate against the deal. Sounds OK here in Canada we can demonstrate even close rail lines and roads. But if someone from outside of Canada joins in they are tagged as paid agitator’s or urban terrorists or just plain criminal’s.

It seems that our Canadian government feels that the Ukraine should not go with Russia but sign up to be part of the EU . Heidi believes they can have their opinion and if they wish they can call in the Ukraine’s ambassador and tell them so .

Heidi does not believe a minister of the Canadian government , Minister Baird, has any right to go to the Ukraine and join in with the demonstrators . What we have here is one sovereign nation directly interfering with the internal affairs of another sovereign nation. Canada is skating on real thin ice here.

Funny thing is the media has only given this lip service . Is this because they do not know what spin to put on it . Do they side with the Canadian government or do they side with the Ukraine government . One way they are supporting this direct interference and the other they are supporting the Ukraine’s alliance with Russia . Problem with the world media today they do not know how to just report the facts and let the readers decide what is right or wrong they seem to have this need to sensationalize . Heidi thinks this may be to simply sell the paper or air time .

During the cold war countries directly interfered with the internal workings of each other and came real close to losing it all .

Heidi believes that Steven Harper has no idea that if you do not learn from history you will relive it and in this case that is a very bad thing .


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