Chained dogs

Watch dogs , only good if they are allowed to roam around the property free to sniff out suspicious things and bring them to the  attention of their masters .

In Canada we seem to have watch dogs associated with just about every facet of government , two that come to mind and are in the news are the Budget watch dog and the CSEC commissioner and to a lesser extent the privacy and ethics watch dogs who seem to have given up and returned to the dog house until they are replaced.

Canadian watch dogs have a very short chain and can only sniff out bad air but are not allowed to investigate. Our Budget watch dog instead of being allowed full access to his domain must fill out forms and hope his master will throw him an occasional bone , the CSEC commissioner appears to work for the CSEC so really would you expect him to bite the hand that feeds him.

Heidi can only imagine  that a government that puts the  watchdogs in place and then refuses to feed them has something to hide or is involved in activities they should not be involved in .

We have a Treasury Board President that is better at building gold leaf gazebos then building trust with the taxpayer, who is proud of the fact he is feeding his watch dog the minimum amount required . Heidi doesn’t know what you think but Heidi believes you will never be a success going through life just doing the minimum that is required .

Just a final note , why would the Prime Minister of Canada elude that the courts are the enemies of the government . Is it because he has spent untold millions on lawyers and hardly won a case. You decide is it because the courts are the enemy or is it because the PM has some real off the wall ideas that do not fit with Canadian values .


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