Devious Steve

Just what game is devious Steve playing. He mocks Justin Trudeau for suggesting that marijuana be legal but controlled and Steve himself is doing much the same thing starting in 2014.

Heidi took a look and could not believe what Steve wants to do. Looks like in 2014 you will no longer be able to get a license to grow your own marijuana for medical purposes you will be required to purchase it from a local retailer , Heidi suspects it will be a pharmacy .

At this time a medical practitioner would subscribe marijuana you would get a license to grow and use it. In the future you will need a prescription to purchase your marijuana from the retailor . Here is where things get complicated. Most prescription’s require dosage (strength) and the number of refills , this will be a bit difficult to manage by both the medical community and the user.

Next issue is what will it cost. At this time it cost the user a little time and a little power to grow and process the product . Now we have government licensed growers that must be inspected and regulated by government approved people. There will be a need for product control and inventory      ( don’t want it going out the back door). None of this is free, the government will need to  develop the department that will regulate , the grower has expenses and needs to make a profit, the designated seller will need to make a profit. Heidi can see how all these expenses added to a product that last year just cost a little time and energy could put the product out of reach for a lot of people that require it.

This is a federal mandated system but it is the Provincial governments that look after health care . Heidi would like to know if marijuana is going to be an approved drug and be paid for by the Provincial health care systems.
Remember OxyContin how it was a regulated drug and there were more people using it than those it was prescribed for , remember how quickly it became an easy to get street drug. Heidi knows that there is some of the home grown medical marijuana sold out the back door but wait until someone can go to the drug store and legally buy it just the same way they could OxyC.

What is Steve up to , it does not look like he has any concern for those that need it , is he building a new industry he can turn over to the party faithful , is he looking for a new revenue stream , is making it too expensive and complicated for those in need to get marijuana . What will happen is those who need it and are now growing it legally will soon become criminals and end up in Steve’s new jails .

On the other side of the house we have a party that would allow the medical users to continue and also have an organization like the liquor control folks sell it to the proper age group. Having it available through legal means would reduce the criminal growers and give the provinces a new revenue generator .
Heidi knows which way she would like it to be , what about you. Remember it is not all about Steve it is all about you.


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