The kids are back to work

Well the kids are back on the hill after their winter break. Not much has changed the angry man Muclair is still on about the senate and may get a new name , smug man. Harper is still reading from scripts that are apparently written by kids in short pants . Justin has up the odds on senate reform by declaring all Liberal senators as independent’s that can vote their minds and not need to follow the party leader. Not to mention he seems to have a new hair arrangement.

Our party in power is still working on sweeping our veterans under the carpet , some might say the bus. A meeting set up to meet with the Veterans Affairs Minister Julian Fantino fell apart. Things started to slide when Julian sent in three lackeys with a note saying Julian couldn’t make it and they would speak for him. As you can imagine this did not sit well with the Veterans and they decided to call a press conference , as soon as word of the press conference was relayed back to Julian he appeared out of the blue just like a wart on a donkeys butt . However the Veterans would have nothing to do with such deception and less than ten minutes later it was all over.

Both Steve and Tom are saying that Justin has a hidden agenda when he declared all the Liberal senators as independent . Steve says nothing has changed as they are still Liberals and once a Liberal always a Liberal . Tom says Justin is trying to head off any fallout from the senate audit soon to be released. Heidi says this is a good first step in making the senate a truly independent organization. Let’s look at the possibilities this brings all Canadians.

Any CPC senators who are fed up with being bullied into compliance now have a chance to move to independent status were they will no longer sit alone , power in numbers.
Now when an omnibus bill arrives it can be dissected and sent back , example being if a cyber-bulling bill arrives with all kinds of snooping legislation attached it can be sent back, to have the snooping stuff sent through as a separated bill and the cyber bulling part of the bill strengthened to not only include photos but untrue posting in social media or videos clipped to the point they lose their true meaning .

As to Tom talking about Justin trying to duck his own senate scandal we can only wait and see. Heidi says that if there is no Liberal scandal Tom should stand in the House and apologize and if there is then Justin should hold a news conference and admit his attempted trickery .

Heidi believes that sometimes CPAC is one of the most diverse channels to watch . It contains drama , situation comedy and believe it or not reality even if most of the actors don’t live in the real world .




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CPC can’t see the value

Heidi remembers when the Federal Conservative party of Canada stopped all work on the Arrow jet fighter project and had all remnants of it destroyed , all blue prints all test data all flight data all working aircraft all aircraft in various stages of assembly. Due to this cancellation hundreds of aeronautic specialists lost their jobs and had to seek employment elsewhere.

We are not just talking about engineers but as well we lost fitters, welders, test pilots electronic specialists just to mention a few of the well trained one of a kind people that the CPC no longer had any use for.

All these useless individuals went on to be a big part of putting people on the moon , building supersonic passenger airliners , building state of the art jet fighters on both sides of the Atlantic as well as laying the groundwork for things such as the 747 aircraft. All of these things could have benefited Canada but because the CPC did not see the value in these people none of it gave Canada any rewards at all . In fact Canada had to purchase a lot of these inventions at inflated prices instead of selling them.

Heidi believes history is repeating itself in that the Federal Conservative party is in charge again and has gotten rid of hundreds of scientists and have been gradually removing their work and the results of their work from the public. Since the CPC sees no value in the people or the work they were doing again these one of a kind best in the world scientists will leave Canada and lead projects all over the free world. Canada will again be forced to purchase the products of these Canadians at inflated prices instead of selling it.

Heidi believes that any product or finding from science will end up with commercial value, as in the space race some thought it a waste until by products in computers and cookware just to name a couple appeared in the market place. It is too bad the CPC cannot see the value in science.

Can you.


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Afraid of science

Heidi believes that the destruction of many thousands of pages of fisheries research is again proof our government is afraid of science and how it will cripple its’ anti-environment policy’s.

Heidi has been told that in an effort to save taxpayer money we are closing many of the marine libraries and simply getting rid of the contents either by giving them away or recycling them . No matter which method is used these documents will no longer be available.No matter how you say it this is akin to burning books .

To be fair the minister in charge claims these books will be digitized and put online for all to see. This brings up some questions , when this material was in a library it was free for all to see, what will be the charge to download this information. Another question how long is this transformation to take and while it is taking place will the material be available. Just who will decide what is worth keeping , will it be done by date , will a steno pad full of a scientists notes be kept or will only bound notes be considered , what will the qualification of the person making these choices be.

Apparently we will save over four hundred thousand dollars by getting rid of these books and manuals and research papers. Apparently they will be digitized for free and they could not be transferred to one of the remaining libraries and stored . Shelf space must be real expensive. This reminds me of when Moe took over Ontario Hydro and saved all kinds of money by emptying warehouses of any device not used. This saved millions in shelf space. Odd thing is the ware house is still there and the shelves are still there and the one of a kind special built spare parts are now being custom ordered at many times the original price. So there you have it we are losing research that we will someday need to do all over again or purchase from someone smart enough to pull it from the dumpster .

Heidi is not sure if the CPC is afraid of science or just don’t have a clue . What do you think



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Youth are important

Heidi believes that if we give our youth productive and interesting things to do they will develop into productive and responsible Canadians regardless of their ethnic stripe. However the direction our government is going appears to be on a somewhat different course .

This came to light when in an effort to make political points our Prime Minister said that there is no reason except to waste money to look into why our young were becoming radicalized. This idea was praised by the party faithful .

Move up to December of this year (2013) we now have the Cadets told to provide their own winter gear or stay home . Our Cadets have been around a long time and have kept a lot of our young off the streets and busy . Not only do the Cadets give our young some place to go they learn team building , they learn the value of discipline as well as skill sets they would not normally receive.

What the CPC does not seem to understand is if we do not provide things like the cadets or neighborhood sports as examples then others will step in and scoop them up . Gangs were the biggest consumers of the young but now radicle religious groups are stepping in and taking their share.

Now Heidi is not saying that the Prime Minister eats kittens but he sure has no use in investing in the future of this country when it comes the young . A tax deduction for hockey gear is not an investment because the social group that needs the break cannot use it because their taxable income is so low the deduction is meaningless . Don’t be fooled by things like tax credits they really only apply to those with incomes that really don’t need them to send their children to hockey or soccer or any other thing the Prime Minister enjoys and has provided a tax break for .

This is what Heidi thinks , perhaps you should give it some thought as well .


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