Youth are important

Heidi believes that if we give our youth productive and interesting things to do they will develop into productive and responsible Canadians regardless of their ethnic stripe. However the direction our government is going appears to be on a somewhat different course .

This came to light when in an effort to make political points our Prime Minister said that there is no reason except to waste money to look into why our young were becoming radicalized. This idea was praised by the party faithful .

Move up to December of this year (2013) we now have the Cadets told to provide their own winter gear or stay home . Our Cadets have been around a long time and have kept a lot of our young off the streets and busy . Not only do the Cadets give our young some place to go they learn team building , they learn the value of discipline as well as skill sets they would not normally receive.

What the CPC does not seem to understand is if we do not provide things like the cadets or neighborhood sports as examples then others will step in and scoop them up . Gangs were the biggest consumers of the young but now radicle religious groups are stepping in and taking their share.

Now Heidi is not saying that the Prime Minister eats kittens but he sure has no use in investing in the future of this country when it comes the young . A tax deduction for hockey gear is not an investment because the social group that needs the break cannot use it because their taxable income is so low the deduction is meaningless . Don’t be fooled by things like tax credits they really only apply to those with incomes that really don’t need them to send their children to hockey or soccer or any other thing the Prime Minister enjoys and has provided a tax break for .

This is what Heidi thinks , perhaps you should give it some thought as well .


Heidi in no way endorses any advertisement attached to this posting


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