Afraid of science

Heidi believes that the destruction of many thousands of pages of fisheries research is again proof our government is afraid of science and how it will cripple its’ anti-environment policy’s.

Heidi has been told that in an effort to save taxpayer money we are closing many of the marine libraries and simply getting rid of the contents either by giving them away or recycling them . No matter which method is used these documents will no longer be available.No matter how you say it this is akin to burning books .

To be fair the minister in charge claims these books will be digitized and put online for all to see. This brings up some questions , when this material was in a library it was free for all to see, what will be the charge to download this information. Another question how long is this transformation to take and while it is taking place will the material be available. Just who will decide what is worth keeping , will it be done by date , will a steno pad full of a scientists notes be kept or will only bound notes be considered , what will the qualification of the person making these choices be.

Apparently we will save over four hundred thousand dollars by getting rid of these books and manuals and research papers. Apparently they will be digitized for free and they could not be transferred to one of the remaining libraries and stored . Shelf space must be real expensive. This reminds me of when Moe took over Ontario Hydro and saved all kinds of money by emptying warehouses of any device not used. This saved millions in shelf space. Odd thing is the ware house is still there and the shelves are still there and the one of a kind special built spare parts are now being custom ordered at many times the original price. So there you have it we are losing research that we will someday need to do all over again or purchase from someone smart enough to pull it from the dumpster .

Heidi is not sure if the CPC is afraid of science or just don’t have a clue . What do you think



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