CPC can’t see the value

Heidi remembers when the Federal Conservative party of Canada stopped all work on the Arrow jet fighter project and had all remnants of it destroyed , all blue prints all test data all flight data all working aircraft all aircraft in various stages of assembly. Due to this cancellation hundreds of aeronautic specialists lost their jobs and had to seek employment elsewhere.

We are not just talking about engineers but as well we lost fitters, welders, test pilots electronic specialists just to mention a few of the well trained one of a kind people that the CPC no longer had any use for.

All these useless individuals went on to be a big part of putting people on the moon , building supersonic passenger airliners , building state of the art jet fighters on both sides of the Atlantic as well as laying the groundwork for things such as the 747 aircraft. All of these things could have benefited Canada but because the CPC did not see the value in these people none of it gave Canada any rewards at all . In fact Canada had to purchase a lot of these inventions at inflated prices instead of selling them.

Heidi believes history is repeating itself in that the Federal Conservative party is in charge again and has gotten rid of hundreds of scientists and have been gradually removing their work and the results of their work from the public. Since the CPC sees no value in the people or the work they were doing again these one of a kind best in the world scientists will leave Canada and lead projects all over the free world. Canada will again be forced to purchase the products of these Canadians at inflated prices instead of selling it.

Heidi believes that any product or finding from science will end up with commercial value, as in the space race some thought it a waste until by products in computers and cookware just to name a couple appeared in the market place. It is too bad the CPC cannot see the value in science.

Can you.


Heidi in no way endorses any advertisement attached to this post


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