Political Speak

Just what is political speak ,Heidi believes it is a clever way of saying things you want to hear but if you give it a second thought it is not at all what you thought it was.

Sometimes details are left out , example being : we have added millions to the fund used to give Veterans a proper burial, what is left out is we are not going to update the means test required to qualify for the funds so that even less Veterans will qualify and we really are not going to spend the money .

Sometimes the how and when is left out, example being : over the next ten years we are going to spend millions on this project, what is left out is will the money be spent evenly over the years all spent in the last year will we wait and see if we still need the project and then spend some money or is this money only going to be spent if we get reelected. Is the money for consultants not really for the project.

Sometimes the wrong message is understood, example being : we are committed to twenty five million dollars for new hospital research , bet you are thinking a new research hospital is being built, not a chance, what was said was we are using twenty five million dollars to see if you need a new hospital.

Then there is the old tax credit scam, our government will tell us we are getting a seven hundred dollar tax credit for sports equipment or club memberships .Don’t think for one second you are getting seven hundred dollars back. Tax rebates are directly tied to your Federal tax bracket , not your total Federal and Provincial tax load which means the average person might in a stretch get twenty five percent back . Don’t get Heidi wrong twenty five percent is better than a kick in the teeth but it is nowhere near the full seven hundred.

Heidi thinks everyone should take a look at what is really being said before agreeing it is a good thing for the country or just some reelect me and trust me speech . Remember anything capital city gives you someone is paying for it and in most cases it is you.



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Grain or tar

Western farmers got a mega let down after their happy dance over the bumper crop of 2013. Apparently this bumper crop had nothing to do with good rain , good soil or crop management nope nothing like that . Not having the wheat board apparently was the cause .Heidi is a bit confused as to how that works but that is what was said in the house so it must be true.

So what is the letdown well the farmers will not get paid until the grain reaches market and every day it is not delivered the price drops . Markets can be in the west or in the east were ships are waiting to take it away . No transport is available so the grain elevators are full, grain bins are full and there is still grain in the field.

Normally the railroad would ship the grain but it is way too busy moving oil . As we all know shipments of oil by rail has increased over a hundred times what it used to be before the tar sands ramped up production and the rail road knows where the money is . Now to be fair the railway folks claim that due to bad climate they had to shorten some trains . Heidi says a short train full of grain is better than no train.

Heidi needs to know what have we come to when we grow more corn for fuel than we do for human and animal feed and we would rather ship oil than grain .

Heidi believes someone has turned us into a totally resource based country with no hope of regaining our manufacturing side. We will soon be reliant on someone else to feed us and provide our manufactured goods. What do you think.




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Pipe Dream

Heidi is a little concerned about the claims that the XL pipeline will bring tens of thousands of high paying jobs to Canada.

Looking at the proposed route only a small percentage of the line will be in Canada and reports say the route details have already been hammered out with effected land owners and that most of the pipe is stock piled and pipe laying equipment is ready to go . Still talking about Canada at the most to complete the Alberta / Saskatchewan section would be two years then everyone hired would be laid off job done. Now we need to maintain the pipe line and pumping stations , maybe twenty or so in a traveling crew. So for two years we have a number of good paying jobs , surprise this is just about when the next election is .

Now we are in the US were we have still states with buy US laws so really is any of the pipe or workers coming from Canada. This is the longest part of the line and will benefit a lot of workers while it is being built. Knowing the US they will not just start at the forty ninth parallel they will start at both ends and maybe even in middle and work both ways to speed things up . So again big benefit for workers for a short time .

Now the pipeline is built and the oil is flowing , apparently the tar sands is going to need to hire many many new workers . Heidi wants to know if somehow the capacity of the tar sands extraction process has all of a sudden increased not to mention are we going to purchase even more earth movers with CAT on the side of them . We all know how good CAT was to the people in London Ontario. Yes Steve Ontario is part of Canada.

Heidi thinks that instead of creating a small spike in jobs we should build a refinery at the tar sands which would greatly reduce our dependence on fuels produced in the US and also reduce the price of fuel which will ripple through the economy reducing the cost of almost everything.

Let us take a look at our options , we can produce a small blip in worker satisfaction and make a quick buck supplying the US refineries with oil they will refine and sell back to us as fuel and plastic. Not forgetting some of these quick bucks are going to head office in China. Or we can build a refinery and create long lasting jobs bringing with them revenue generators in the form of income tax, we can reduce the price of fuels and plastic to the average Canadian.

Heidi knows what choice should be made what about you .




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