Political Speak

Just what is political speak ,Heidi believes it is a clever way of saying things you want to hear but if you give it a second thought it is not at all what you thought it was.

Sometimes details are left out , example being : we have added millions to the fund used to give Veterans a proper burial, what is left out is we are not going to update the means test required to qualify for the funds so that even less Veterans will qualify and we really are not going to spend the money .

Sometimes the how and when is left out, example being : over the next ten years we are going to spend millions on this project, what is left out is will the money be spent evenly over the years all spent in the last year will we wait and see if we still need the project and then spend some money or is this money only going to be spent if we get reelected. Is the money for consultants not really for the project.

Sometimes the wrong message is understood, example being : we are committed to twenty five million dollars for new hospital research , bet you are thinking a new research hospital is being built, not a chance, what was said was we are using twenty five million dollars to see if you need a new hospital.

Then there is the old tax credit scam, our government will tell us we are getting a seven hundred dollar tax credit for sports equipment or club memberships .Don’t think for one second you are getting seven hundred dollars back. Tax rebates are directly tied to your Federal tax bracket , not your total Federal and Provincial tax load which means the average person might in a stretch get twenty five percent back . Don’t get Heidi wrong twenty five percent is better than a kick in the teeth but it is nowhere near the full seven hundred.

Heidi thinks everyone should take a look at what is really being said before agreeing it is a good thing for the country or just some reelect me and trust me speech . Remember anything capital city gives you someone is paying for it and in most cases it is you.



Heidi is no way attached to any product advertisement attached to this post


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