Different countries get different standards

Heidi has observed that it is OK for the United States of America to invade Panama and haul the President off to jail and it OK to invade Grenada and change the government because they don’t like who is building the airport . However apparently it is not OK for the Russians to send troops into Crimea to remove a load of protesters from the public buildings they have occupied and vandalized even though this move was at the request of sixty percent of the population.

Heidi is not taking sides in the Ukrainian issues but has a few observations to share .

The president is for sure some kind of whack job that used the public purse for his own gain but had to choose between aligning with the Russians or the EU. Media reports confirm the choice was go Russian and get a huge financial bailout for the Ukraine or go EU and simply get to join the club with absolutely no new money. He took the money.

This upset a lot of people especially in Kiev so they began to protest , even ranking government officials from Canada and the US showed up at the front of the protest lines to urge the protesters on . Canadian embassy staff even gave some protesters a safe haven. Things even got to the point that government buildings were occupied and vandalized and streets were burned using old tires parks were taken over and became tent cities all in the anti-Russian protest. Heidi wonders where the money comes from to support such a protest . How do people find the where with all to lose weeks of pay needed to support their families unless someone like Canada or the US is funneling money into the issue just to keep those nasty Russians out of the game.

Things were a bit different in Crimea were over sixty percent of the population were glad to see cooperation continue with the Russians . Only a hand full of what were deemed trouble makers took over some public building and caused damage in the name of protest. No government sent ranking officials to stand with the cheery protestors in Crimea , maybe good news is no news and the western politician’s like their photo ops.

So now let us look at evolution . As you can see from Heidi’s ICON she has evolved as has the world over the years . Thing is no one or no thing or no country will evolve at the same rate or direction as the other. Because of world communication and the many forms of social media we have been programed to expect X to equal Y no matter what the circumstances.

So how have we evolved . We no longer shoot, club, gas, spy on or jail protesters since the Vietnam war protests, we have evolved since then and expect that the rest of the world has evolved at the same pace . We of course will overlook things like the G20 in Toronto and the little test that took place in a major Canadian airport and the enemies list a certain Canadian Government maintains. Snowden is just a trouble maker so yes we have evolved much quicker .

We have evolved so far that a government official could never use funds from the public purse for their own gains . A government official could never divert fifty million dollars to build gazebos and hockey rinks to buy votes, that would never be allowed in our society because we have evolved and expect the rest of the world to follow our example.

Heidi is giving evolution and standards a real second look and perhaps you should as well .




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