Why the attack ads

Seeing a lot more attack ads on the TV as of late. Can’t understand why a party needs to use them rather than tell the voters what a great job they are doing. Heidi thinks maybe that there is no great stuff to tell the voters so the next best thing is to talk down the other guys. This would be an attempt to move the voters from the bad things that are happening to the bad things that might happen. Or it could be like the school yard bully that has no scholastic aptitude so makes up for it by bullying those that do .

Could be any number of things but the odd thing is that there is not an election campaign happening at this time. Heidi is a bit baffled about this and is concerned for those who are being attacked . To help out Heidi has a couple of empty jars that get a coin every time someone is attacked and when the jar has enough in it that person gets a donation just to help even things up.

Heidi’s MP was asked about attack ads and the answer was “I do not send out attack literature “ kind of an answer but has this MP got the nerve to stand up in caucus and say the party is wrong to spend the money on these ads rather than try to convince the voters that the party is doing good. Highly unlikely because the governing MP’s are afraid , really afraid to speak up for the voters.

Well that is what Heidi thinks what do you think?



Heidi is in no way connected to any product attached to this posting


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