Tax on the stupid

Heidi watched question period in the house this past Monday (Mar-25-12) and besides the usual non answers about the act to change how we vote there was one bit of verbiage that stung Heidi’s ears.

A member of the opposition asked why the government is not doing something about the high fees to use an ATM to retrieve your own money . As expected the government’s reply had to do with keeping people informed and nothing about ATM or any other kind of fees, nothing new here. What stung Heidi was that someone on the government side shouted out that these ATM fees were just a tax on the stupid , that’s right a tax on the stupid.

At the end of the question period members can bring up a point of order. At this time the member that asked the ATM question remarked that the shout out was not called for and asked for a unanimous concurrence  that this was not a tax on the stupid. Our government declined therefore supporting whoever it was that called the fees a tax on the stupid.

Heidi from time to time has found a need to use an ATM not attached to a particular bank and has paid the fee. Heidi used the ATM out of necessity not because Heidi was stupid.

Perhaps people need to use the ATM’s when they bargain with a shopkeeper and find the price drops for cash and there is no tax involved. Perhaps the ATM cash is required to participate in the underground economy that both the Federal and provincial governments are driving us all to .

For whatever reason people use ATM’s Heidi is sure most of these people are not stupid. People that call others stupid or pay to have attack ads aired are what we used to call bullies and this is something to remember at election time, that is if you are still qualified to vote after the election act is passed.

Just remember the next time you use an ATM not attached to your bank our government considers YOU real STUPID.



Heidi is not connected to any product advertisement attached to this posting


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