Conservative Math

Heidi just does not understand Conservative math so maybe someone can help. Here is the problem our government tells Heidi we are all better off by 44.5% since 2005 and we are paying $3400.00 less in tax every year.

Heidi cannot find this money . Too be fair some of the tax is due to the Ontario government , but tax is tax and when someone tells Heidi there is less tax to pay Heidi wants to see it and so far every year of Heidi’s tax paying life there has not been a reduction on the bottom line. Sure some tax has gone down but only to be replace with a new tax. Example being the HST went down but not long after was replaced with the HST which covered a whole lot of stuff not taxed before giving Heidi a minus in the net saving department. Can you help Heidi find the lower tax that has been missed .

As for being better off . Heidi did some research and this net worth number includes the price of your house having increased by a considerable amount giving everyone equity. However equity doesn’t count as spendable cash. But if we include this on paper only money then we need to include the debt we carry that adds up to a 41.7% over the same time period giving us a net gain of 2.8% if you are one of the lucky two thirds of Canadians that have their own dwelling be it detached , semidetached or condo if you rent well you do not count.

With Heidi’s limited math skills but it appears the average Canadian is 2.8% better off than nine years ago which is a far cry from 44.5 %.

Heidi thinks we are all being tricked into thinking we are better off .What do you think.



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