Still Snooping


Heidi remembers a while back when the Government was caught tracing and tracking cell phone use at a major Canadian air terminal. To weasel out of that one it was announced that it was just a test to see if the equipment worked and no information was kept and no one’s privacy was breached . Of course there was no explanation as to why the government needed to have this ability and the world moved onto the next day case closed .

Now we find out that for some reason government agencies are purchasing the telecom profiles of Canadians from the providers.  Our Prime Minister says it is legal to do so and he is not going to tell us why he is doing it and what information is purchased and what he is doing with it .

When asked the telecom bunch ,either had no comment or said they were doing no wrong because there were no laws being broken. Our PM skillfully added a little nugget to one of his omnibus bills that made passing on this information legal .

Heidi wants to know why agencies controlled by the PMO such as the Canadian Border Services Agency need all this information , over one hundred requests for information that Canadians know about.

Heidi has a thought , this information is being fed back to the  ministers in charge of the agencies involved, the information is then sent to the PMO and is correlated, cataloged and saved to the CPC database. When in this database the CPC is free to use it during the next election . If a political party has  information such as EMail addresses , twitter accounts ,Facebook accounts, unlisted phone numbers and even browser history just think of the advantages they would have during a campaign.


Heidi thinks the fix may be in what do you think



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