Wasted time in the house

Heidi has finally figured it out , Heidi couldn’t understand all the noise in the house during question period but now it is clear.
To start with when question period begins and the leader of the official opposition gets up to speak all his trained seals jump to their feet , clap and make other noises as if the Leader had just returned from some lifesaving mission. Heidi believes this is the case because when the Prime minister enters his caucus the same thing happens and the opposition leader wants to know what that is like.

Another strange thing happens when the government is asked a tough question by one of the opposition parties. Government backbenchers start to hoot and holler delaying the asking of the question . This does a couple of things , it allows the government minister time to search through their talking points to find the approved answer , next it reduces the time allotted for questions as there is not a set number of questions allocated simply a set amount of time so that every time a question needs to be restarted the time left for other questions is shortened .

Heidi believes the speaker of the house should not treat this as a joke, he appears to laugh it off as he scolds the noisemakers, what the speaker should do is a warning then remove the noise makers from the house. What do you think.



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