Help Heidi with the numbers

A while back Heidi questioned why the CPC (Harper) was giving out licenses to build and run marijuana factories. One of the questions was what are we going to do with all that pot considering the low number of legal users.
Heidi has done a little research and has come up with some numbers: at this time there are approximately twenty – five licensed facilities gearing up for production. One of the more recent facilities ,located in southwestern Ontario , claims it will have up to one hundred employees and pay them a living wage. When operating at full capacity it will produce one hundred and fifty pounds (68 KG’s ) of medical grade product . A large marijuana cigarette would be a gram simple math puts production at sixty eight thousand joints a day. If this southwestern Ontario factory is of average production and there are twenty five such factories Heidi can see medical grade marijuana produced for one million seven hundred thousand joints a day .

Now we have done the production math , what about consumption. According to health Canada , information from the internet, there are approximately thirty – seven thousand three hundred and fifty – nine legal users in Canada. Heidi likes to round things so let’s make it simple and say today there are forty thousand legal users.

Our government is allowing marijuana for 1,700,000 joints to be produced every day, we have 40,000 consumers which would mean each consumer will smoke over forty joints a day. Heidi couldn’t do that in fact I would bet Heidi couldn’t even light 40 joints in a day without falling over before noon.

To be fair Health Canada , an organization run by the Harper government says that legal users will increase by a factor of ten ,yes a factor of ten, and we need to be ready for it. You would think that if an illness is going to increase by a factor of ten the government would look into prevention. If this is true and production stays at the output of twenty – five factories that would be four joints a day. But there is to date over one hundred and fifty applications to  build these factories .
Just a note, the factory being set up in southwestern Ontario is opened by the same company which is setting up a factory in BC and has applied for other licenses. By coincidence both the CEO and the CFO came from the energy sector which just happens to be a friend of the CPC.

Heidi’s question today is do you think that all this marijuana is going to be produced for medical needs or is this preparation to have it legalized and controlled by the Federal government after the 2015 election .



Heidi is not endorsing any product attached to this post


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