G 20 school yard

Well folks here we have it proof positive the world is governed by a bunch of schoolyard bullies with maybe a brain cell between them.

Heidi has noted that during the G20 meeting in Brisbane the world leaders sent the Russian president to Coventry ( in other words totally alienated him ). Prime Minister Harper even barked at him during the handshake. Putin even had to eat lunch by himself. Putin left the G20 early saying he needed to catch up on his sleep , could be his way of saying he was tired of the childish behavior demonstrated by his fellow world leaders.

Heidi believes anyone with an eye and a butt hole would have taken this opportunity to sit with Putin , perhaps at lunch, and shared a bottle of that great Australian wine while discussing a diplomatic solution to the Ukraine situation . Now Heidi knows that someone would not be Harper as he has too many western Canadian Ukrainians to suck up to in an effort to get their 2015 vote. However there were leaders at the G20 that have not commented on the Ukraine situation in public ,that could have worked with Putin and come up with some sort of solution or at least opened the door for one.

Heidi thinks that the fear of losing out on a trade deal or maybe an invite to the white house for lunch scared off any potential mediator .

Heidi believes that if the world leaders cannot find time at a meeting of world leaders to work on solidifying peace then there is no hope for financial stability and there is no hope to improve the lot of the average person . What do you think.



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One thought on “G 20 school yard

  1. You know what the real problem is though? The world leaders will not find time at a meeting of world leaders to work on solidifying peace subsequently, there is no hope for financial stability and there is no hope to improve the lot of the average person. You wanna know why? Cause they don’t want to. They do not want financial stability or world peace or the lot of each individual to be large and that is because things become obsolete when they are no longer in demand. If people were able to flourish and be peaceful they would start to wonder why we give governments money. Why do we need one? Things seem pretty good at the moment. Screw it! Let’s see if it’ll work without them. Countries are like a house plants and governments are the homeowners and they decide when to water them and went to top them. Cause plants much like countries will keep growing and growing until they die, just look at trees or ancient Rome. The government gives us just enough sunlight (power) and just enough water (money) to survive but not enough to let it grow on it’s own. The 1% are scared of what will happen when everyone is free and everyone is wealthy because no one will be there to buy their shit and the government is scared of that because then no one will donate to their campaigns and we’ll run out of politicians cause they’re there just for the money. No no no, there has to be just enough poverty, just enough crime, just enough wars just enough fear in order to force people to look to their malicious leaders. It’s a cycle that can’t be broken by one person. They control the police, the news, the corporations…no one person could fight this war against greed. 119 250 soldiers in the canadian military 51 000 active in canada, coup anyone?

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