Confused or enlightened

Today we learned that the Canadian Wheat Board will be given , yes given , to an American multinational. There will be zero cost to the multinational and even less compensation given to the Canadians that have invested in it.
The same government that campaigned to have this boards power removed and then got a slap after the farmers had their crops stranded because they all of a sudden realized they could not go it alone. Instead of eating a little crow this government has decided to simply remove the embarrassment and move on.
Heidi is afraid there may be a pattern here when it comes to giving away Canadian know how.

First we learn that the same company we gave the CANDU to , for free, now has some top management under investigation for illegal Canadian political donations . Next we learn that on the board of directors of the multinational is a previous Conservative Prime Minister. For those who remember it was a Conservative Prime Minister that scuttled the Arrow project, guess what all the R and D that was developed in Canada by Canadians paid for by Canadians was sent off to NASA, Boeing and the Concorde for free.
So here you have it Heidi doesn’t know if Heidi is more confused about the current brand of government or has become more enlightened as to how this government brand really operates.

What do you think





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