Book Review


Heidi has just completed reading two books ,both of which are about our Canadian government and how it is managed.

One titled Irresponsible Government deals with the history or evolution of the Canadian system of government from day one to the year two thousand and fourteen . This book is very detailed in the historical facts and how the Canadian way of governing has peaked in its usefulness and how it has now slipped into the ditch and is heading to a hybrid United States style of government .Example , things like an omnibus bill is the same tactic used in the United States to ram unpopular legislation through the process by attaching it to more popular bits of legislation .

All in all Irresponsible Government would be a good read for anyone interested in the history of Canada or anyone undecided as to who to vote for in the upcoming election.

Next book on the list is titled Party of One. Again this book deals with the history of Canadian politics but just a small time period and deals  primarily  with the climb to power of our present Prime Minister. Based on historical fact , news stories interviews and just plain hard research we relive the path that the present Prime Minister has followed  to achieve what he has done . It allows us ,much like Irresponsible Government , to conclude if Canada has an accountable Prime Minister or not .

Party of One would be a good read for anyone that needs to understand or cares to understand which direction Canada is going . I must say I picked up on one saying the international community  has used and that is our PM is like a skunk at a garden party, don’t know if it is the international press or diplomats that have said this but it is a saying that one just can’t forget  .

So here we have it two recent publishing’s of politically motivated books one written by a sitting member of parliament and the other by a journalist and accomplished  author , both are known to dig deep to get the facts.

If you are not sure  who not to vote for then either of these books may help you in the decision making process .

Heidi is not going to tell you who to vote for but will say :





3 thoughts on “Book Review

  1. Hi Wayne, do you have any thoughts about Kathleen Wynne saying that Bill Cosby should be cancelled. Foundation of the British and subsequentially, Canadian law was and is that a person is “Innocent” until proven “Guilty”. It is the duty of the courts to examine the evidence , deliberate, give the accused chance to defend him/ herself and make a decision. Mob rule allegations don’t constitute proof, no matter how loud they scream or shout. God knows enough politicians in this country have been quick enough to scream that they are innocent until proven guilty. some are in K Wynne’s party. Les

    • As far as I am concerned the show should go on, a couple of reasons , one as you say innocent until proven other wise, contracts have been signed which means a large penalty if things are canceled , Wynne also neglected to mention if she was returning the HST on the tickets not used by persons agreeing with her stand .

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