After the Veterans

Here we are well into the election campaign and the PMO is looking for veterans to help out. Amazing since any veteran with a ounce of pride would decline the offer and the PMO knows this but is out there looking to find those who would work against their brothers and sisters.

Every brotherhood has those who would stray  , this time if some of the veterans stray I hope the rest shun them every possible moment because of the way the PMO has treated them in the past.

Heidi has learned that a member of Veterans Affairs Ministry is on leave and has joined the campaign to reelect Harper. her roll so far is to find these so called loyal to the party Veterans and get them on stage for a photo OP with Harper. Question is , are Veterans Affairs data bases or other resources being used on this quest and does being on leave mean off with out pay or benefits or are the Canadian Tax payers footing the bill for this staff member to be on leave with pay and benefits to serve the party.

Just a question Heidi can’t find an answer to .