Refugees why do we have them

Well it has come to this, thousands of refugees marching across the EU in search of a place they can call home. Heidi wants to try and figure out why they lost the home they had.
Quick answer would be Assad and ISIS have driven them out of the homes they had, taken away the peaceful lives they lead. Sorry mister Harper but Heidi wants to look at the root cause
Heidi wants to dig a little deeper into what it was that caused this mess. First thing that comes to mind is that we had several North African countries under the thumb of dictators perhaps some would call them dick heads but for Heidi the Canadian that hits a little too close to home . So for now we will say dictator.
Yes these dictators kept a lot of public funds for their selves but unemployment was low, the economy was not in recession people raised families and for the most part went out in the morning and came back at night.
Then along came the Arab spring supported by the west (for some reason the west saw true democracy with the Arab spring). What did come along with the Arab spring was ethnic cleansing, tons of military weapons and a religious based war with no end in sight. Heidi says religious based because Heidi believes the top dogs are in it for the glory and the cash.
Root cause, the west dreaming that they could turn over thousands of years of the way countries are governed during the term they have in office.
So Mr. PM Mr. President Ms. Chancellor you created this mess so don’t shrug off your duty when it comes to looking after these displaced persons. It was your nose in the affairs of others to get some votes back home that cased this humanitarian disaster.
That is what Heidi thinks what about you. Don’t like the way it is vote the fools out before things get worse.




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