The West did this

So here we have it, on more than one occasion the President of the United States of America gave his priorities and they are to change the government in Syria as number one and then get rid of ISIS (dash). Seems to Heidi that this should not be the order of things.
Now Heidi can understand why the President put things in this order since it is his government that is financing the Syrian rebels in an effort to again try to force the American way of life on another country. Since a lot of the arms supplied to the rebels have been taken over by ISIS it would be better if the president didn’t need to keep rearming them only to have ISIS take them from the rebels .
As to changing governments the United States has a real poor record when it comes to choosing sides. Remember a guy named Pinochet, or Noriega or Osama bin Laden, or the Arab spring bunch and what about the puppet governments set up in Iraq and Afghanistan. Even further back in time they backed Batista who turned Cuba into Vegas south.
Heidi would like to talk about this ISIS bunch (dash). Just what are they, some say they are radical Muslims that have taken their holy book out of context others believe they are just a bunch of thugs looking for power much like the street gangs in any large city. Heidi has come to believe they are what we used to call the missing link. They have taken on human form and in some cases have human traits but they have not evolved enough to be called human and yet have left the animal kingdom.
Caught mid-way between animal and human, must be a frustrating place to be, walking upright but with no regard for human life no regard for world history and no regard for the female gender. Even some animals mate for life and respect one another even if they still walk on all fours.
Heidi wonders just what this heard of part animal part humans would be doing if the west had not provided arms and training much like you train a dog to do your bidding as a protector only to find it has come in contact with rabies and is turning on you. This takes us back to the beginning with the American government supplying training and munitions to the Afghan rebels only to get thanks through 911. Now these same missing links are attacking the heart of France and for some reason the western leaders do not know why.
Heidi believes the why is that again the west believes that they can turn this part of the world into an image of themselves and control it through puppet governments. Guess what it doesn’t work. Romans, Greeks, Spanish, British even the Russians have all tried it over the years and have failed.
Heidi says leave the rest of the world to fend for itself and make the west a better place live. What do you think?


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