Sears Canada Needs Help

Looking in from the outside I see The Bay and Sears two large outlets selling basically the same type of merchandise. This is where the similarities stop.

In this new market it is online shopping that all the outlets want a share of and to get that share they need to build a whole new customer base. This customer base wants to pick up the key board place an order and wait for it to arrive at their door.

Amazon is a prime example of an outlet that got it right, lots of product and lots of delivery and return options. Sears is an example of an outlet that doesn’t have a hope of success, primarily because they do not offer outlet to home delivery. The Bay however is getting better at it and is improving every year and taking market share from Sears.

In my community if I want to order a vacuum cleaner online from The Bay  I place the order and in a very few days it is at my door. When I order the same product from sears Canada I place the order and then need to drive up to forty five minutes to pick it up. It matters not if I need to drive or use the public transit I still need to lug this thing from the drop off to my home.

When Sears Canada began closing down stores and mail order outlets they should have used these savings to build a better distribution system with a goal of exceeding what The Bay has in place.

Sears Canada is operating much like some governments they are selling off areas that make money such as credit card accounts and property to satisfy debt but then realize the money coming in from these areas is no longer coming in. What do you do then except degrade your service to match the lack of funds then the downward spiral begins and soon you are no more.

Come on Sears Canada get with the times so we have some competition for The Bay because when you fail The Bay will their way us.


This what Heidi sees what about you.


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